Eat Magazine

In the year 2000, Eat sprung into existence, not as the brand strategy and creative agency you know today, but as a magazine that opened readers’ eyes to culinary experiences in Japan and around the world, as well as what food culture tells us about who we are and where we come from. More than 20 years since our first issue was released, we are thrilled to give Eat Magazine a new home on our website and bringing these still-relevant stories and curiosities to a whole new audience. Welcome to Eat Magazine!

F is for Fake

Eat Issue 3: Art or Food?

Back in Black

Eat Issue 12: Rotten

The US Goes to Town on the Brown

Eat Issue 16: Sweet

Saturday Night Stinkdown

Eat Issue 12: Rotten

Rot or Not

Eat Issue 12: Rotten

Rapid Response

Eat Issue 11: Speed

Festive Food

Eat Issue 1: Temptation

Speed Drinking​

Eat Issue 11: Speed