Designing an Engaging Annual Report


Communications for a pioneer in regenerative medicine

  • Graphic Design

If you lose an arm, why can’t you grow it back, like a lizard grows back its tail? Why do some parts of our bodies rebuild, while others don’t? A better understanding of how our bodies function in these areas could lead to therapies to help us recover more effectively from injury and disease. 

Regenerative medicine is a term that covers a range of therapies from stem cell biology to tissue engineering and Japan is one of the leaders in the field. 

Eat was approached by JSRM – The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine – to design their latest annual report.

We took cues from a modernist typography from the 1960s. Originally made famous by Massimo Vignelli, it is a style that is considered timeless with intellectual elegance, economy of means and structure – values equally important to effective scientific research.