Crafting an Experience of German – Japanese History

KAS Japan

Exhibition design to celebrate 160 years of friendship

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In 1861, Count Albrecht zu Eulenburg undertook an expedition to Japan. With a fleet of ships, the Prussian diplomat aimed to establish diplomatic and trade relations with an otherwise unknown country from across the globe. 2021 marks 160 years since that date, and 160 years of a long and eventful friendship between Japan and Germany.

Today, that relationship is more important than ever as the two countries both commit to upholding global peace and the rule of law in the form of collaborations across diverse areas - from cybersecurity and defence all the way to trade and freedom of information. So how best to celebrate this historic milestone and an even stronger friendship to come?

Through videos and rare images, the exhibit introduces audiences to Germans who contributed to Japanese modernisation, artefacts and images from the first Great War, and potent reflections from the Second World War. Overall, the exhibit, in all its forms, creates a sense of optimism for the future - showcasing the rich exchange that form the foundation of the two nations’ friendship.

When the physical exhibition completed its Japan tour, the sheets were repurposed into tote bags and pouches, providing a new lease of life for the material into the future.