7 Sustainability Tips for Designers and Creative Agencies

Actionable tips to get you designing green for the new year

01. 11. 2019

Stone Stewart, Digital Strategist

We’d all like to do our part in helping contribute to a more sustainable world. It’s not just a moral dilemma, but a global crisis that requires global participation. Whether you’re a freelance designer, or run a multinational creative agency, here are some actionable tips to get you designing green for the new year.

Green Hosting

Digital media might not be quite as green as you may think. The data centers across the globe that store all of our information require immense amounts of energy to run, and they run 24/7. When choosing a web host provider, consider using one that runs off of 100% renewable energy. Here’s a list to get you started.

Calculate your waste

Sure full bleed images look nice, but just how many resources, and how much waste are you producing with each print project. Use this handy calculator to see it all broken down.

Choose your inks wisely

Printing ink is full of pollutants that contribute to global warming and climate change. When printing can’t be avoided, consider using ink low, or free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They’re not perfect, but a step in the right direction.

Aim to use less

Even better than using more sustainable ink, use less entirely! Change your font. Save ink and money.

Your paper matters too

Chlorine and its derivatives, the most common bleaching agents used in paper, are harmful to the environment. Wherever possible opt for using Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) or Process Chlorine Free (PCF) paper.

Know where your work is headed

Just because the deliverables have been sent off doesn’t mean all work as been done. Materials still need to be shipped and transported to their final destination. Be conscious of fuel consumption in transport. Consider where your materials come from and where they’ll be distributed.

Use a pencil, plant a tree

Nothing will quite replicate the trusty pencil and paper. When the design process calls for an analogue approach, why not give these a try. They also make for a great stocking stuffer for the environmentally conscious designers and artists in you life.