Eat is a creative branding agency based in Tokyo and Zürich, engaged with businesses across North America, Europe and Asia. Eat’s team has the international make up and expertise to transition smoothly across continents and cultures.


With 10 years of experience and 14 permanent members organised into specialist teams, we are able to deliver all fundamental creative services in-house, and should projects demand it, can offer access to a broad range of specialist partners.

We are passionate and committed to creative excellence and originality in the field of brand development and communications and look to partner individuals and businesses who share our vision.



Giving back

Pro-bono activities


Five principles which underpin our approach to projects.


Intangible brand assets with the potential to innovate or transform a brand.

Holistic Perspective

A strategic approach that focusses on extending a brand's connection and experience.

Cultural Insight

What is the real price for brands entering a new market place.


Content creation must be a priority not an afterthought.


Designers are from Mars and clients from Venus.


  Happy New Year! We hope you’ve had a great break and fully recharged for the year ahead. We’d like to share some recent work and give away something in the process. Monkeying around Eat was commissioned by Dentsu Public Relations (DPR) to create their digital NY greeting card. We collaborated with our friends at […] +
Treasures of Ohara come to Tokyo The Ohara Museum of Art is the oldest private art museum in Japan and its impressive collection includes masterpieces by El Greco, Gauguin, Monet, Matisse, and many Japanese masters. +
Building on the success of our creative workshops in Japan earlier this year, we are very pleased to announce that Esin will be holding further workshops in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sapporo during the Autumn. +


We're always interested in hearing from people who would like to work for Eat. We advertise positions here from time to time, we occasionally take on interns and sometimes someone comes along, out of the blue that we just can't do without.

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