A better you


Rethinking communication for a younger demographic

  • Branding
  • Digital
  • Motion

Herbalife has been in the Japanese market since 1992, but a new leadership team was looking to generate additional growth by targeting a younger, neglected demographic with their most important product line – the Formula 1 Shake.

Eat worked with dentsu X to develop the winning campaign. Coinciding with the height of the Covid pandemic, we looked at ways to turn a challenge into an asset. Our young target market had been impacted hard by the restrictions brought in to curb infections and were looking for ways to take back control of their lives, whether that be getting fit, learning a new skill or starting a new hobby.   

We pitched our campaign as a proposition – make Herbalife F1 shakes part of your new regime, and introduced a new visual style, replacing Herbalife’s traditional, natural imagery with bold block colors that tapped into a TikTok / Instagram mindset. 

A digital campaign drove traffic to a campaign website, while a distributor tool kit allowed for additional promotion through existing networks.