Join the team.

Eat is looking for creatives with experience in developing real-world, brand and communication solutions.

We are a cross cultural, communications studio located in Tokyo and Hong Kong, working with a diverse range of multinational businesses operating in Japan, Hong Kong and APAC.  

We work with our clients to develop effective, real-world solutions – internal and external, B2B and B2C – through a blend of insight, strategy and creativity thinking.

We are looking for people who think freely, push ideas and deliver world-class creative. You will have a proven history of design thinking and be hungry for new challenges.

We welcome applicants from all creative disciplines and have a range of options available from full-time to project based. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. 

Things that will make you more attractive to us:

  • Live in Japan. Eat doesn’t offer full-time employment to people untried and unseen. We need to know you’ll be a good fit, both in terms of attitude and professionalism before we commit.
  • Speak Japanese and if you are a designer, be able to typeset it - well. We’re not looking for fluency from the foreigners who work with us, but you need to have basic communications skills.
  • Most importantly tell us why Eat will be a better, more successful company with you a part of it. What are those skills and experience that you can bring that will help us grow and be more creative?

Mail Eat in either Japanese or English and tell us why we need you.