Job Openings

We're always interested in hearing from people who would like to work for Eat. We advertise positions here from time to time, we occasionally take on interns and sometimes someone comes along, out of the blue that we just can't do without. A lot of people contact Eat about Jobs. How can you maximise your chances of an interview? Some guidelines:
  • Apply for a specific position. If we have openings we will list them below
  • Live in Japan. Eat doesn't offer full-time employment to people untried and unseen. We need to know you'll be a good fit, both in terms of attitude and professionalism before we commit.
  • Speak Japanese and if you are a designer, be able to typeset it - well. We're not looking for fluency from the foreigners who work with us, but you need to have basic communications skills.
  • Most importantly tell us why Eat will be a better, more successful company with you a part of it. What are those skills and experience that you can bring that will help us grow and be more creative?
Interested? Mail Eat in either Japanese or English and tell us why we need you.