Inspiring Creativity

Building on the success of our creative workshops in Japan earlier this year, we are very pleased to announce that Esin will be holding further workshops in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sapporo during the Autumn.

All workshops are scheduled to run over five days. Full information is on our recently updated website and please note that there’s a discount for participant sign-ups before the end of June. Check your schedules!

We are happy to welcome two new partners to the Esin family: MakerHive and Savvy.

Esin’s Hong Kong workshops will be held at MakerHive, the newest addition to the Hive network which opens at the end of this month. MakerHive is a coworking space for designers and makers in Hong Kong and is the island’s first makerspace.

Savvy is Asia’s premier creative recruitment consultancy operating out of Hong Kong and Singapore. If you’ve got itchy feet, you now know who to talk to.
We’re looking forward to growing Esin together.

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