Project Esin


Project Esin

Eat is excited to announce the launch of Project Esin – A combination of workshops, seminars and other initiatives focused in inspiring creativity in individuals, corporations and, if we’re lucky, a few governments…

Developed from a series of workshops run in Japan, Taiwan, Germany and the US by the UK agency Tomato, Eat is collaborating with members of the original Tomato team to bring together some of the world’s top creatives to facilitate a series of 10-day workshops focused on inspiring creativity.

The first workshop takes place in Tokyo from February 16th to 27th 2015. It will be run by three of the original Tomato workshop leaders: John Warwicker (Currently Professor of Design at Monash University, Melbourne), Graham Wood (The Gild, London) and Joel Baumann (Dean, Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany) plus Toru Yoshikawa (Ribbonesia).

We will also be running an evening ‘Creative Conversation’ event with John, Graham, Joel, Toru and other creative leaders to discuss a wide range of topics affecting today’s growing creative economy.

Click through to the new Esin website to find out more about the project and to secure a place on the February workshop. Contact us directly to discuss partnership opportunities as well as strategies for applying creativity in your business.
We look forward to hearing from you.