TEDxTokyo is now over for another year. Peruse the talks at your leisure on TEDxTokyo.com. As in previous years, Eat was tasked with developing the event’s visual identity and we are very excited with the results.

With the theme ‘Connecting the Unconnected’ we worked with graphic design agency so+ba and students from Keio Media Design to explore ways of visualizing connected and unconnected data.

This lead to the development of a series of more structured visuals and animations, which formed the basis for static applications such as programmes, posters and T-shirts as well as motion graphics for TV and digital signage.

Key to our approach was literally connecting disparate media; generating art from tweets; Converting digital data into tactile objects using traditional printing techniques. Case in point – the event programme incorporates a stitched cover with block printing, with inside pages designed to be output at the last minute on a standard photocopier – ensuring all those last minute changes to schedule are faithfully reflected.