Managing the growth of an iconic brand


Peninsula Hotels Group is a chain of international, independently owned, luxury hotels. The Peninsula Tokyo hired Eat, in 2006, to be its exclusive agency for print collateral. In 2018, Hong Kong Shanghai Hotels, the Peninsula parent, hired Eat to support the Hotel chain’s global branding.

The Peninsula Hotel Tokyo

Starting a year before the hotel’s grand opening in Tokyo, Eat was tasked with localising every aspect of the company’s print materials, from in-room service directories to the matchboxes and toothpicks. The result was a series of products tailor-made for Tokyo’s demanding consumers.

Additionally we developed Japan specific sub-brands, including the hotel’s wedding offer and an annual gastronomic food event.

Most recently, Eat created the hotel’s 10th anniversary logo. The device was inspired by mizuhiki cords, which represent ‘treasured connections’ – a reference to the special relationship the group has with its many local customers.

The Peninsula Hotels Group

Eat is now working with the group’s head-office in Hong Kong to consolidate their brand collateral globally as the company expands its reach with a series of new hotel openings.

Photo by Alex Maclean

Eat's role in Tokyo

  • Client management
  • Creative direction
  • Brand guardianship
  • Design and production
  • Text transcreation (English & Japanese)
  • Image management
  • Vendor management

Eat's role in Hong Kong

  • Client management
  • Creative direction
  • Global brand guideline development
  • Global brand guardianship
  • Design and production
  • Vendor management