Create a new name, a new brand


Syntaq presented an exciting prospect for Eat – work with a group of seasoned professionals in the market entry / representation arena who were setting up a new company specialising in the Asian marketplace. The brief: create a new name, a new brand.

Eat began by creating several 'story worlds' – visualisations that enable the client to more fully envision their new company’s potential, to explore its vision and goals. Over several sessions the form and structure of the brand took shape and with it the brand image.

From the projects inception ‘credibility and communication’ were core values and Eat drew inspiration from the founder’s Scottish background to develop an abstract and contemporary crown that communicates a sense of stature, whilst being adaptable enough to create pattern and texture. A smart and sophisticated colour palette of dark grey and pale blue ensured a corporate identity that was business like, yet approachable.

In terms of naming, Eat recommended a 'coined' name, one that was unique, credible and directional. As part of the brand development a wide range of names were reviewed and considered, narrowing down choices until, ultimately ‘Syntaq’ was chosen – providing a hint to the importance of effective dialogue and communication in their business.

Such focus on language meant consideration of an appropriate primary font that would work equally well with physical or digital collateral. Eat selected Caecilla, a classic font with contemporary detail and enough character to represent Syntaq both now and in the future.

  • Naming
  • Branding
  • Content creation
  • Web
  • Print