Challenging the status-quo


Peace Boat is a unique, Japan-based social business that combines Education, Business, Advocacy, and Travel. Founded in 1983, the organisation runs 80-100 day global voyages, on a chartered cruise-liner, three times every year, offering a unique programme of activities centered on experiential learning and intercultural communication.

In 2013, Peace Boat started the development of Ecoship, an ambitious project to build the world’s most sustainable cruise liner – to launch in 2020. In the process, the organisation has brought together some of the world’s leading eco-technologies and technologists to contribute and collaborate.

Eat was commissioned to work with Peace Boat to brand and promote the project internationally. We started, by working with the organisation to tell their story, bringing together the rich history of Peace Boat, with the remarkable ambition of the Ecoship project itself. Then creating a flexible visual identity for a project, which we knew would be in a constant state of flux. This has manifested itself in a wide variety of sub-projects including:

  • Website
  • Videos
  • Print collateral
  • Content creation
  • Booth designs for an ongoing series of international trade events