In the worlds second largest advertising market there is still place for a no advertising policy and the power of word of mouth


Project Overview

Employing its insight into influence of different cultures was critical when Eat was brought in to support the Kiehl’s brand’s Japan launch. After all Tokyo and New York are poles apart in attitude and culture and so a key part of the project focus was to support the Kiehl’s team in adapting the brand without losing what makes this 150 year-old company special. Specifically Eat worked on tone of voice and the company’s visual language. We developed a brand voice, which was knowledgeable, friendly and down to earth – refreshingly different from the ‘blur’ of other brands competing for the consumer’s attention. In parallel we adapted that the company’s home-made / community feel that worked in the US to a more sophisticated visual style. Shoppers were invited to take part in a “nine-week discovery program,” during which a special counter was set up in Isetan’s Tokyo department store, where trained staff offered one-on-one counseling and sample products. This strictly ‘no purchase, sample only’ period was unique to the launch and very popular with customers who could get free samples with no pressure to buy.

Project Disciplines

  • Print
  • Branding
  • Content Creation