Avoiding Conventions – A Compelling Way to Define a New Brand


Project Overview

The globalization of wine and the sophistication of its visual culture has seen a stunning transformation over the last three decades – a condition supported in part by the industry’s adoption of branding practice. Folium Vinyard initially appointed Eat to refresh its package design, however by opting to approach the brief as a branding programme as opposed to a graphic design project, Eat succeeded in defining Folium holistically, globally and for the longer term.

Folium is an independent, organically certified, Marlborough vineyard established in 2011 by Takaki Okada – a New Zealand based Japanese viticulturist with a passion for old world vintages. Takaki, as wine maker, manages every aspect of the creation of his boutique wines, living and working throughout the year among the vines. Takaki’s aim is to produce varietals that are elegant and balanced with the minimum of intervention in both the vineyard and winery.

Project Disciplines

  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Print