The fluid of life – Just add water


Project Overview

CocoHydro is a powdered coconut water produced in Bali by Big Tree Farms, a niche purveyor of natural foods. CocoHydro is set to enter Japan’s market ahead of the curve by taking advantage of the hype generated in the U.S. by prominent brands like VitaCoco and Zico.

Japan has the world’s largest and most dynamic beverage market, which serves an extremely sophisticated consumer base. Eat first established the critical requirements for defining a clear brand proposition tailored for Japan that would position CocoHydro as the preferred alternative to non-powdered coconut water brands. Avoiding clichés and conventions typically associated with coconut products, Eat generated a bold graphic lexicon to ensure shelf standout for the products.

Eat applied this new and unique visual identity to a complete range of CocoHydro branded collateral, including packaging, an e-commerce site, exhibition and merchandise displays and trade materials. With this unconventional brand image and plans to introduce a liquid version of the product, CocoHydro is primed to define the coconut water genre in Japan.


  • Branding
  • Content Creation
  • Print
  • Package
  • Web
  • Project Management