A New Global Solution for ASICS Japan


Project Overview

From April 2012 to September 2013, Eat provided strategic support and cultural insight for the development of the ASICS Japan e-commerce website. This gave us the unique opportunity to be an integral part of a consortium appointed by ASICS Headquarter to implement a digital makeover for the brand. Other consortium members included British digital consultancy Amaze, e-commerce consultancy Neoworks and omni-channel commerce software provider Hybris.

The objective of this initiative was to enhance online sales by redefining ASICS’ e-commerce strategy. Called the “global solution,” the plan encompassed the full-scale redesign, localisation, development and deployment of e-commerce sites for key markets around the world.

ASICS Japan presented an interesting challenge because it had a particularly large number of products and product categories, each with its own product manager, microsite and look. In addition to helping the consortium align disparate elements with the global solution, Eat played a significant role in navigating the various hierarchies within ASICS Japan to ensure smooth communication.

Parallel to the e-commerce project, ASICS Japan commissioned Eat to restructure their extensive collection of editorial content for their new website. The content varied from advice columns and explanations of product features, to event reports and fashion galleries. Although this seemed like a straightforward content management task on the surface, in actuality it required a complex work cycle that was closely tied to the production of the e-commerce site. Eat took the lead in creating nearly 200 wireframes detailing the information architecture for all editorial pages.

The culmination of Eat’s work on the editorial content provided ASICS Japan with the necessary guidance to create web pages conforming to the standards of the global solution. On a consortium level, our experience with the Japanese market was instrumental to collaborating effectively with the client and localising the global solution. This ultimately contributed to the successful launch of ASICS Japan’s new e-commerce site by the target date.

Service areas:


  • Advice on Japanese business practices and consumer behaviors
  • Full audit of existing ASICS Japan website and microsites
  • Research and analysis of websites for competitor brands
  • Identification of specific needs for the Japanese market

Development and Production

  • Cultural and administrative liaising between the consortium and ASICS Japan
  • Localisation of global solution elements for Japan
  • Analysis of existing ASICS Japan content and assets
  • Development of IA and wireframe guides for editorial content
  • Cooperation with consortium members to advise ASICS Japan on UI component capabilities
  • Synchronization of editorial production schedule with e-commerce project

Testing and Verification

  • Coordination of ASICS Japan to finalise editorial site map and wireframes
  • Transparent identification and resolution of editorial content issues

Project Disciplines

  • E-commerce strategy
  • Content management
  • Localization
  • Multicultural collaboration